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Thank you for your interest in joining the Michigan Association of Treatment Court Professionals (MATCP) Board of Directors! The mission of the MATCP is to provide leadership to treatment courts in the State of Michigan. Our goal is to advance the cost savings and lifesaving philosophies of treatment courts: this model of justice succeeds where traditional probation and jail sentences have not.

Board Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • approx. 2-4 hours/month corresponding with other members/staff, responding to emails, etc.

  • attendance at quarterly board meetings

  • attendance at Fall Board Retreat

  • attendance at Annual Conference

  • participation in a MATCP committee

Please fill out the information below to be considered for a MATCP Board position.  Also, please email a resume or CV to  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and will be reviewed by our Nominations Committee.

Which of the following skills do you have that could be utilized while serving on the MATCP Board? (check all that apply)
If not selected to join the MATCP Board of Directors, or if you decline a nomination, would you still like to be a Volunteer to assist MATCP through committee service, conference planning, etc.?
If selected to join the MATCP Board of Directors, do you agree to abide by the Board Responsibilities?
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