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The mission of the Michigan Association of Treatment Court Professionals (MATCP) is to provide leadership to treatment courts in the State of Michigan.


Our goal is to advance the cost savings and lifesaving philosophies of treatment courts: this model of justice succeeds where traditional probation and jail sentences have not.

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MATCP is a 501c4 nonprofit, founded by the first drug and sobriety court members. The first drug court in Michigan was started in Kalamazoo County Circuit Court.


The Michigan Association of Treatment Court Professionals (MATCP) was founded in 1996 and held its 1st annual conference for treatment court personnel in 1999. In 2022, MATCP's 22nd Annual Conference in Lansing, Michigan attracted over 800 treatment court professionals from across the state.


MATCP provides training through its annual conference, Upper Peninsula training, and other educational events; serves as a voice for treatment courts in the state and federal legislature; and, works with the public and private sectors on educating and advancing treatment courts and other criminal justice and substance use/healthcare reforms.

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