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Decades of Impact

Over the past two decades, MATCP has carved out a unique role as an advocate and educational leader for Michigan Treatment Courts. 


The Michigan Association of Drug Court Professionals was founded by the first Drug and Sobriety Court members.


MADCP held its first 1st Annual Conference for treatment court personnel in 1999. 

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In an effort to be inclusive to all types of treatment courts, the Michigan Association of Drug Court Professionals (MADCP) became known as the Michigan Association of Treatment Court Professionals (MATCP). 


MATCP Legislative Director, Hon. Harvey J. Hoffman pitched the idea of permanent supportive housing for those involved in Michigan's Treatment Courts during a MATCP Public Partner Summit.
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ned in 2021

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In 2022, MATCP launched Regional Trainings. A specialized one-on-one training for two to three court teams. Furthering our commitment  to provide training to all those who need  it. 

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In 2023, MATCP's 23rd Annual in Grand Rapids, MI attracted over 820 Treatment Court Professionals from across the state.

The MATCP newsletter, Off the Record  launched!

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MATCP is future focused. Guided by the desire to see participation in Treatment Court programs grow which enables people to find recovery

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